FALL in sLOVEnia


Two million people in one chicken?! Sounds like magic… Do you like magic? Everyone likes magic! Visit Slovenia – a small chicken-shaped gem in the heart of Central Europe – to find the real magic! Chicken, dragons and other creatures weird Slovenians Bordering Croatia in the South, Italy in the West, Hungary in the East and Austria in the North, Slovenia has it all! […]

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My First Time


Important notice: this is NOT a blog about my first sexual experience, though it was painful and it does include a black guy, a flight attendant and my (later to be) wife! Tripp!ng 1.0 or #rewindto2010 I’M NOT THAT OLD!? I’m 24. It sucks to be “old” – the annoying kid 2 rows in front of me […]

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The Loudness of Silence


I triple check each one of my shoes. Left, left, left is OK. Right, right, right is OK… NO scorpions here! “Can we go now?” “Just a sec, let me check one more time. Left OK, right OK. We’re good to go!” I need to pee. So does my bf Miha.   We are in Morocco. […]

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I sat down. As I’m looking at the screen, my fingers go numb the second I touch the keyboard. Today I really thought I had it – I’m gonna write down my first “why me?!” blog. You know, the kind – the usually very successful kind – when people bitch about this and that and get […]

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RAINBOW TIME I had reached for the stars and got myself the prettiest one – I was engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world! I was in love and I was loved – I felt invincible. Smiling like a retarded orangutan, I was the happiest person on the planet. I could fart rainbows! DIVORCE? and […]

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